Electronic Embryo Vol 2.

by MFSamples



• This digital album contains a zip with the MFS Electronic Embryo Sample Pack and the Demo track of the collection.

• The Electronic Embryo Vol 2 contains:

• Full product: 378 Samples

50 x Elements
50 x Hihats
50 x Kicks
45 x Lows
60 x Percs
40 x Raw Fragments
80 x Synth stabs

All copyrights: MFM Mattias Fridell Musik 2016


released May 17, 2016

All samples are 44.1 kHz/ 24bit and peaks approximately around -4
dBFS to give headroom for further processing possibilities, unlike most commercial sample packs where the audio can peak at 0dBFS (and even clip!) and complicates further processing without destroying the source audio.

All sounds are processed without being overly cooked by corrective and sweetening equalization and limiting just to suit the
“work on the fly” approach many other sample libraries swears by. This way the samples are left more “raw” and allows for
further development and experimentation.

Please see the samples as a source of inspiration and to trigger further tweaking of the sonic content. However the samples work perfectly fine as they are without further processing. All samples and loops were made with a variety of both software as well as analog & digital outboards.

I wish you great enjoyment!